For many runners, fueling for race and training runs equals cramming down chemically engineered gels and tough-to-swallow bars on race day. That doesn’t have to be the case.

At Runivore, we believe in sports nutrition that is natural, healthy, tasty and powerful – the best of four worlds.

 Runivore Energy Bars

About Our Energy Bars and Bites

More about the great ingredients:

In addition to chia seeds which contain the revitalizing power of Omega-3, complete protein, Magnesium, fiber and lots of other key nutrients runners gotta have, our bars and bites also include many other healthy, natural, tasty and powerful foods to give you the extra boost.

Cacao Nibs – Tasty run fuel that’s rich in antioxidants (Chia Cacao Esspress Flavor)

Cacao is considered to be a rich source of antioxidants such as procyanidins and flavanoids, which may impart antiaging properties. Cocoa also contain a high level of flavonoids, specifically epicatechin, which may have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health.

Coffee – For that caffeine zip (Chia Cacao Esspress Flavor)

The 56 mg of caffeine is about as much as your typical espresso. It’s great as a mid workout or long trek pick-me-up. It can also server as a substitute for your early morning cup o’ joe when you’re in the middle of nowhere without your favorite cafe anywhere in sight.

Oats – Fuel for the long haul

Besides a wide range of vitamin and minerals such as manganese, magnesium, chromium, Vitamin B1, zinc etc. oats are known for their low GI (glycemic index), which means the carbohydrate absorbs into your system in a slower rate, providing constant energy for the long runs. Oats also contain loads of soluble and insoluble fiber, which are necessary for digestive health. It helps you get “regular” and feel lighter!

Raisins – Fuel with anti oxidizing power

Raisins are rich in dietary fiber, feature carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrients. They are also rich in free-radical inhibiting anti oxidants that help prevent cell damage.

Dates – Tropical energizer

This delicious tropical fruit is easily digestible, which makes it ideal when runners need a quick energy and nutrient boost. It is rich in fiber, tannis, vitamin A, antioxidant flavornoids, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and manganese. It is an all around healthy food that is both excellent for runners and anyone that desires a healthier diet.

Sunflower Seeds – Vitamin E boost (Chia Cacao Esspress Flavor)

As an antioxidant, vitamin E acts as a peroxyl radical scavenger, disabling the production of damaging free radicals in tissues.

Almonds – Powerful little nuts

Almonds have long been a favorite snack of runners and are included in almost every list of great foods for runners. These little nuts are tasty and packed with vitamin E, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, proteins, healthy fats and more, and all these nutrients combined to minimized muscle damage, strengthen your bones, and provide energy for a great work out.

Dried cranberries – The berry best source of vitamin C

Rich in vitamin C, cranberries are without doubt excellent for before, during and after runs. They are also rich in fiber, vitamin K and manganese and super delicious. We are often on the trails for hours, so something tasty and nutrient packed is a must.

Pumpkin seeds – The Mg powerhouse

For runners low on energy, pumpkin seeds are the perfect energizer. They are densely packed with magnesium, which is critical in energy production. For runners, especially those that sweat a lot, magnesium is must. Pumpkin seeds also provide leucine, an amino acid that enables fat oxidation and endurance, making it a great treat as we ramp up mileages.